Marville France

The Sky Lancers

Daniel V Dempsey

As the 1955 team had been officially recognized as the "No. 1 Air Division RCAF Europe Aerobatic Team" , the decision was made to retain the name Sky Lancers and to continue to select new pilots annually on a rotational basis from the four wings. For 1957, aerobatic team tasking would go back to 1 Wing, now located in Marville.

The five young men chosen to fly the 4 Wing version of the Sky Lancers were F/Os Dale McLarty (414 Squadron) as leader, Jake Adams (444 Squadron) as right wing, Ed Welters (414 Squadron) as left wing, Fred Axtell (422 Squadron) as slot and Les "Stretch" Price (444 Squadron) as solo/ deputy leader. Since the team members had actually been selected in the fall of 1955, they were able to get a head start o their training for the next season.

Reprinted from "A Tradition of Excellence - Canada's Airshow Team Heritage" courtesy Dan Dempsey. - Web Site -

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