Marville France

1956 - 445 Squadron - Assorted Sources

445 (F) Squadron OCs


W/C EG Ireland, DFC, CD

Aug 1956 - Jun 1958

W/C G Sutherland, CD

Jul 1958 - Jul 1959

W/C KW MacDonald, CD

Aug 1959 - Jun 1960

W/C EJ Trotter, DFC, DFM, CD

Jul 1960 - Dec 1962

Significant Events

445 Squadron History

Formed as an All-Weather (Fighter) unit at North Bay, Ontario on 1 April 1953, the squadron was the first unit to fly CF-100 aircraft on North American air defence. The Squadron relocated to Uplands on September 1, 1953. In November 1956 it joined No 1 Air Division Europe, replacing No 410 (Fighter) Squadron in No. 1 Wing at Marville, France. The Squadron was the first CF-100 squadron deployed to Europe as a part of Canada's NATO committment to provide an all weather and night fighter capability of four squadrons. Led by W/C EG Ireland, it ferried it's 20 aircraft from Uplands to 1(F)Wing, Marville, France, between November 1 and 4, 1956 on Operation Nimble Bat 1. The Squadron was disbanded on December 30, 1962, with the withdrawal of CF-100 aircraft from operational service and the introduction of the CF-104 to Europe and the changing role of 1 Air Division within NATO. During World War II, RCAF squadrons were numbered from 400-444. With the introduction of the CF-100, it was decided to form a squadron with a new number, which was of course 445. With its retirement, 445 Squadron was the only squadron who's history is exclusive to the CF-100.

Operational Callsign

Dalton, Horseshoe

Squadron Nickname


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