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Radar Stations - World War II - Radar Stations in Canada (1942-1945)

The Pinetree Line - Radar Stations in Canada (1950-1990)

GObC - Ground Observor Corps (1951-1964)

RCAF Reserve Squadrons - Reserve/Auxiliary Squadrons (1949-1961)

Bomarc - Canada's Bomarc Squadrons (1963-1972)

RCAF Comet - RCAF de Havilland Comet Aircraft (1953-1963)

RCAF Yukon - RCAF Canadair Yukon Aircraft (1961-1971)

1 Air Division HQ - Paris France (1951-1953) Metz France (1953-1967)

Metz Brats - Metz France (1953-1967)

1 Wing - North Luffenham England (1951-1954) Marville France (1955-1967)

1 Wing Brats - Marville France (1955-1967)

2 Wing - Grostenquin France (1952-1964)

2 Wing Brats - Grostenquin France (1952-1964)

Choloy - RCAF Military Cemetery at Choloy France (1954-1980)

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History of Canadian Airports

Author: TM McGrath (1992)

ISBN #: 0-921633-11-4

[History of Canadian Airports]


This book is a hard cover with over 330 pages of detail and photographs. It provides a comprehensive history of the opening up of Canada to all its peoples and to the world in the twentieth century through the phenomenon of aviation.

The book, which presents over 14 years of research and writing by author Tom McGrath, details the development of the technology of aviation, in the air and on the ground, and the way in which the march of progress was harnassed by the often joint endeavour of the public and trivate sectors of Canadian socierty. All of the pioneers of flight in Canada are captured in History of Canadian Airports - the bush pilots, the growth of Air Mail, the Transatlantic crossings, and their failures and successes are brought to light with clarity and insight.

The range of historic and archival photographs which accompanies the text is astonishing and contributes to the uniqueness of this publishing event.

This is a book for all airport and government transportation executives, historians of aviation on the global scale, for all pilots and passengers who realize the incredible advantages of civil aviation, and the potential for decisive success in military situations where aircraft and airport technology are at their best.

I suspect that the book can be obtained from a number of sources. Simply make use of the Internet and try a keyword search on the title. I am aware of at least one source -

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