ATC Symposium in Chilliwack - 1995

[ATC Symposium]

Jim Dunn

Back row (L-R) - Tom Gilchrist, Paul Anderson, Martin Gagnon, "Butch" March, Gary LeBouthillier, Jim Pierce, Michel "Spike" Tremblay, Paul MagGregor, Mike Mulligan.

Third row (L-R) - Ray Payette, Dan Dietrich, Tim Fellow, Bev Wolf, Jim Dunn, Kirk McMunn.

Second row (L-R) - Norm Richard, Wayne Smit, Jim Siemens, Kerry Clowe, Harry Rush, Phil Nakashima, Ray LeBlanc, Jule Labelle, David MacKinnon, Brian Guimond, Gary MacLennan, Debbie Edwards.

Front row (L-R) - Gerry Potter, Rod Schwager, Phil Otis, Don Landin, Dirwyn Hayes, Danny Gilbert, Ian Mactaggart, Paul Ellery, Mark Cayouette.

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