Air Traffic Control

Military Automated Air Traffic System

The Military Automated Air Traffic System (MAATS) equipment has been installed and tested in the Montreal Military Terminal Control Centre (MTCC) (29 Aerospace Control Squadron (ACS)), which is co-located with the NAV CANADA ACC at the Pierre Trudeau (Dorval) International Airport. Bagotville, Goose Bay, Greenwood and Trenton terminal control will be re-located here. The transition of control to Montreal MTCC is scheduled to be phased in commencing in 2006.

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  1. Photo of a Montreal CCWS screen displaying Bagotville ASR data - 2003.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

  2. Common Controller Workstations (CCWSs) in the training string located in the simulation room - 2003.
    Each of the four terminal control units is composed of four CCWSs that are identical to the simulation equipment.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

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