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Miscellaneous Photos

Alaskan cruise for folks who were part of the CF-104 Starfighter era. The photos were taken on the last night of the voyage, 29 September 2006. Robin & Solange Rousham were on the trip, but didn't make the photo shoot. To commemorate the occasion, we had 442 (Snake) Squadron from Comox do a fly-past on the last day of the trip - Jim Dunn.

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  1. Group photo (L-R) Jim (Dunn), Les (Al-Molky), Richard (Savard), Reg (Mills), & Phil (Chrysler)Hartmut Trefzger
    and Hugh Gillis - Sept 2006.

    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

  2. Group photo (L-R) Suzanne, Fran, Jackie, Margaret & Sheila - Sept 2006.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

  3. 442 (Snake) Squadron from Comox doing a fly-past - Sept 2006.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.