RCAF Air Traffic Control
North Bay, ON

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  1. Aerial photo of the airshow static/flying displays at North Bay - 1984.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

  2. Passes to the airshow - 1984.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

  3. Jim Dunn presents Luc Lapointe with his accelerated promotion to Corporal - 1984.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

  4. Jim Dunn presents Dan Warden with his promotion to Corporal - 1984.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

  5. Voodoo 101067 was the only EF-101B in Canadian service - 1984.
    Known as the "Electric Voodoo" of 414 Electronic Warfare (EW) Squadron operating out of CFB North Bay, Ontario, '067 was acquired from the USAF in 1983 and was one of the most exotically painted Aircraft in service at the time. The intent of the paint scheme was to improve visibility, making it easier for intercepting Voodoos and other NORAD fighters to spot, and making it easier to pick it out as "the enemy" when there were a flock of other Voodoos around it. The squadron also was equipped with a dual CF-101 that was used for training and proficiency checks.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

  6. Pitts S2A special flown by Jim Parker in the airshow - 1984.
    On departure day he gave demos to all comers, including the CF, French, American and Italian pilots and the son and two nephews to the left, respectively, of Jim Dunn.
    Courtesy Jim Dunn.

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