Pinetree Line Miscellaneous

Ground Observer Corps

There were many GObC Units and Squadrons scattered coast to coast in Canada. It is hoped that we will be able to obtain a number of photos from these various locations with the passing of time.

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  1. Narrative reports from 1 GObC Unit, Vancouver, BC.

  2. Assorted detail from 10 GObC Squadron, Vancouver, BC.

  3. Assorted detail from 11 GObC Squadron, Prince George, BC.

  4. Assorted detail from 20 GObC Squadron, Edmonton, AB.

  5. Assorted photos from 50 GObC Squadron, North Bay, ON.

  6. Assorted photos from 53 GObC Squadron, Brockville, ON.

  7. Assorted photos from 54 GObC Squadron, Peterborough, ON.

  8. Narrative reports from 6 GObC Unit, Three Rivers, QC.

  9. Narrative reports from 60 GObC Squadron, St. Jerome, QC.

  10. Narrative reports from 61 GObC Squadron, Rimouski, QC.

  11. Assorted Photos from 62 GObC Squadron, Three Rivers, QC.

  12. Assorted photos from 7 GObC Unit, Halifax, NS.

  13. Assorted photos from 70 GObC Squadron, Truro, NS.

  14. Narrative reports from 72 GObC Squadron, Gander, NF.

  15. Assorted photos from 8 GObC Unit, Gander, NF.

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Updated: February 27, 2005