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This page and the associated links are dedicated to the memory of Captain (Ret'd) Joseph George Reynald (Ren) L'Ecuyer, CD and to honour his stalwart undertaking to develop the historically significant and enormously popular '' website as well as numerous other spin-off RCAF/CF history websites during the eight year period from 1997 until his unexpected death on July 23rd 2005.

Additionally, the collective Canadian military community is most grateful for the heartfelt determination and commitment of Ren's wife Margaret as well as his longtime volunteer programmer, Brent Sirna, for continuing to administer Ren's sites until the end of December 2009 at which time the sites were removed from the Internet until an appropriate repository could be found to safeguard his document collection and host his websites in perpetuity.  Ultimately, Margaret graciously agreed to a proposal that the Military Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston Ontario would be a suitable guardian to honour Ren's legacy and his keen desire to ensure his collection would be preserved and continue to be available for public access following his death.

For their collective efforts, 'Many Thanks' to Ren, Margaret and Brent.

Captain (Ret'd) Reynald (Ren) George Joseph L'Ecuyer, CD
May 21, 1940 – July 23, 2005

Fighter Control Operator (FCO) / Air Traffic Control Officer (ATC)
RCAF/CF November 1957 – August 1979

Original Webmaster – Historian for:

1 Air Division: Metz, France

1 Wing (F) Marville & North Luffenham (WAS Work in Progress

2 Wing (F) Grostenquin France (WAS Work in Progress

RCAF Air Traffic Control (WAS )

Pinetree Line (WAS link problems)

In Ren's words from a February 2004 web posting:
I joined the Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1956 and served a career with the Air Force until 1979.  During this period of time, I was fortunate to have served a total of 10 years in Europe - as follows: 2 Wing - Grostenquin, France (September 1960 to July 1964 - when the station was closed) 1 Air Division Headquarters - Metz, France (July 1964 to January 1965) 1 Wing - Marville, France (January 1965 to September 1965) Lahr, West Germany (1974-1979) I consider the time that I spent in France with the RCAF as the highlight of my military career.  As I approached my second retirement, I decided to establish a web site on the Internet (1997).  One thing led to another, and during the past six years - what started as a "part-time hobby" has become a "full-time obsession".  In my case - I was revisiting my past - with the help of other ex RCAF personnel and their families.  There is no end in sight. :)…  Best regards.  Ren

In the words of Ren's wife Margaret from a web posting a year following Ren's passing:

This website is dedicated to my late husband, Ren L'Ecuyer.  Ren developed each website with passion and fervor - truly a labour of love for him.  Many times during our conversations over the years, Ren had asked if, on his passing, I would keep the websites going for an indefinite period of time - perhaps with the thought that eventually someone might like to take up where he left off.  I've endeavored to honour that request over the last year and will continue to do so as long as I am able.  I can see that silly grin of his as I try to fill his shoes!

Margaret L'Ecuyer, Webmaster

Museum Note:
Due to privacy concerns, copyright arrangements and limited resources certain aspects of the websites in question are not active. It is impossible to track material that was supplied to Ren and is passed to the museum with these sites. The Museum can only ask that information displayed that was submitted to Ren, but is now wished to be removed, please contact the Museum Manager.