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Bank of Montreal - Assorted Sources

Bank of Montreal

Comments from David McNaught - I was the Manager of the Bank of Montreal between 1958 and 1962. The bank was located in the Wing Headquarters building (building #42 on your 1958-1959 diagram) in the section of the "H" furthest away from the airfield and directly opposite the laundry.

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  1. The Bank of Montreal - September 1977.
    Courtesy Dave Johnson.

  2. Peter LaMontagne standing in front of the The Bank of Montreal - October 1974.
    Courtesy Peter LaMontagne.

  3. Larger image of the previous photo - October 1974.
    Courtesy Peter LaMontagne.

  4. See Through Walls - 1962.
    Courtesy Ted de Bourcier.

  5. Extract from "Be a Good Canadian Overseas" booklet - 1957.
    Courtesy Lucien St-Hilaire.

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