Marville France
Bunkers on the Airfield

[Bunker locations at 1 Wing]

We know that there were at least 5 bunkers on the airfield. The Command Bunker (or War Headquarters bunker) is noted as Bunker #1 and was located close to the Headquarters building. Bunker #2 was further south, close to the flight line and the golf course. Bunker #3 was located at the 445 Squadron dispersal area. Bunker #4 was located at the 441 Squadron dispersal area while Bunker #5 was located at the 439 Squadron dispersal area.

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  1. Aerial photo of the domestic site showing approximate location of two bunkers - 26 October 2003.
    Courtesy Andy Little.

  2. War Bunker #1 - Wing Headquarters Command Bunker.
    Courtesy Assorted Sources.

  3. War Bunker #2 - Flight Line by the Golf Course.
    Courtesy Assorted Sources.

  4. War Bunker #3 - 445 Squadron.
    Courtesy Assorted Sources.

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