Metz Miscellaneous Items

This section has been established with the intent of using it as a "gathering place" for any additional detail that pertains to 1 Air Division HQ which was located at Metz, France.

It is suggested that you make a habit of checking into this area from time to time - as you just never know what might appear.

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  1. Military Payment Certificate (MPC) or American Military Scrip in France.

  2. So You Want to Drive in France.

  3. American Military Cemetery at Luxembourg.

  4. German Military Cemetery at Luxembourg.

  5. Examples of French Currency.

  6. Deployment Airfields in Europe

  7. Special Service Medal

  8. The Golden Age of Travel by Ocean Liner

  9. The Emergence of Air Transportation

  10. Documentation for Dependents

  11. Hungarian Uprising - 1956

  12. Spy vs Spy

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