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This section has been established with the intent of using it as a "gathering place" for any additional detail that pertains to 1 Wing RCAF Station North Luffenham or RCAF Station Marville.

It is anticipated that the content of this section will continue to accumulate as we wade through the massive amounts of historical detail that has been obtained from the National Archives of Canada, and as new material is made available from those that have served at either North Luffenham or Marville between 1951 and 1967.

It is suggested that you make a habit of checking into this area from time to time - as you just never know what might appear.

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  1. Military Payment Certificate (MPC) or American Military Scrip in Marville.

  2. English Banknotes and Coins at North Luffenham.

  3. So You Want to Drive in Europe.

  4. American Military Cemetery at Luxembourg.

  5. German Military Cemetery at Luxembourg.

  6. Examples of French Currency.

  7. Memories of Rabat, French Morocco

  8. Memories of Decimomannu, Sardinia, Italy

  9. Deployment Airfields in Europe

  10. Special Service Medal

  11. The Golden Age of Travel by Ocean Liner

  12. The Emergence of Air Transportation

  13. Documentation for Dependents

  14. Documentation for Service Personnel

  15. Canadian Forces Network

  16. War Bunkers in the Local Area

  17. Spy vs Spy

  18. 1 Wing Pipe Band

  19. The Church, Cemetery and the Ossuary at St Hilaire

  20. Verdun and the Surrounding Area

  21. 1 Air Division Aerobatic Display Teams

  22. 1 Wing Marville "Last Post".

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